About Us

The Kansas City Women’s Chorus is Kansas City’s only regional women’s chorus inspiring through performance, embracing diversity, and advocating social justice.

Our Mission

The Kansas City Women’s Chorus is a catalyst for change, pushing ourselves and our audiences beyond what is thought possible. Simply singing is not enough.

Our Reason

The Kansas City Women’s Chorus holds as its CORE VALUES:

We work for the highest level of artistry through a diverse and challenging array of music, text, and production elements.

We operate with integrity, promoting honesty and transparency, treating individuals with fairness and respect and honoring our commitments.

We are committed to social justice creating awareness of community issues and partnering our music and actions to address these needs.

We are welcoming, inclusive, and affirming of singers and non-singers who are interested in sharing their talents in support of our mission.

Our Vision

The Kansas City Women’s Chorus is an instrument for promoting greater understanding and equality for all through song and action. We envision a future of organizational and financial sustainability for the chorus through:

  • an increase in the number of performances,
  • an increase in revenue from all of our community partnerships,
  • effective and efficient operations by adherence to the best practices policies and procedures of our organization,
  • purposeful discomfort with the status quo.