The Kansas City Women’s Chorus and our 18-voice ensemble, Heartsong, are available for community performances. Priority is given to those events that are supportive of our mission focus that seeks to educate about/advocate for women’s and girls’ issues.

Heartsong is the ensemble that most often fulfills community performance requests, and their repertoire consists of:

  1. National Anthem
  2. 20-30 minute concert set with a variety of audience appealing music
  3. 20-30 minute set of “justice choir” songs
  4. 20-30 minute set of holiday music

Requesting a performance at least 3 months in advance increases the possibility of securing a spot on our calendar, as we must take into account the current commitments and work schedules of our singers when scheduling additional performances.

A minimum donation of $300 to the Kansas City Women’s Chorus is expected (with the exception of a National Anthem only performance).

Please submit the form below if interested in having the Chorus or Heartsong perform for your event. We will contact you.