Come Sing With Us!

Membership in the chorus is by audition and open to all women’s voice ranges. The Chorus prides itself on the diversity of its membership: demographically, culturally and professionally. If you identify in any way as a woman and you love to sing, we’d love to have you join us. New members are welcomed each rehearsal session (defined as a specific set of rehearsals leading up to a specific concert, fall or spring). Individuals interested in joining the Chorus should contact the Auditions Chair either via email at, by phone at (816) 822-2344 or Contact Us through our online form. It is essential that all candidates attend and sing during the first rehearsal in the section they would usually sing with to see what participation in KCWC is like, get a feel for how the chorus sounds and works together, meet other singers prior to auditioning. If you or someone you know is interested in scheduling an audition with the Kansas City Women’s Chorus, reach out today! Chorus rehearsals consist of our fall session (begins August/September) and spring session (begins January/February) and are held on Monday nights at the Central Presbyterian Church from 7:00pm – 9:15pm. Each session also includes two all-day Saturday rehearsals.

Chorus Members

Membership follows written guidelines for participation as singers and non-singing members of the Chorus. These Board and membership-approved guidelines address:

  • mission and goals
  • attendance and absenteeism
  • dues, scholarships and performance attire
  • committee and fundraising participation
  • social activities
  • Covid-19 protocols, masking and vaccination status

These guidelines are provided in the Chorus handbook, which is distributed to new singing and non-singing members so that all members are completely informed on issues dealing with management and maintenance of the Chorus. Individual commitment, not only to performance excellence but chorus management and growth, is valued and encouraged!

Our Concerts

Our concerts are performed at exciting locations around the Kansas City area. Each season the Kansas City Women’s Chorus performs a fall and spring/summer concert including a free education concert for Kansas City area school children. A periodic third performance event features a separate repertoire with lower priced ticketing and a focus on community outreach and support . More information on this season’s concerts can be found on the Concerts page.

Volunteers Needed

The Chorus also extends an invitation to all who want to participate in Chorus activities as a volunteer. Volunteers are needed for a wide variety of tasks, and time requirements can be tailored to the specific availability of each volunteer. If you wish to serve in a volunteer capacity, please Contact Us or call (816) 822-2344.


Any KCWC staff, singer or volunteer wishing to participate in in-person rehearsals and performances must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as recommended by CDC guidelines. 

Accommodations are available for singers with active membership status who are unable to attend in-person due to illness or exposure. Active members will be able to observe Monday evening rehearsals live through Zoom or a recording, available for a limited time.

All other protocols will be based on current science and local mandates. 

KCWC leadership has resolved to prioritize the health and safety of our singers, staff and community above all else. This requirement is a direct result of that commitment.